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RCS rolls out new WiFi to Go Donation Program

Parents –

I have some exciting news to share. I wanted to tell you about LeanStream - a new 21 st century way of
fundraising for our schools.
So what exactly is it? It is a new online fundraising platform that has a number of great features
designed to make it quick and easy to support your schools.
It has a number of great features:

  • The WiFi on the Go Program – Where employees and parents can donate $50 monthly to RCS
    and get a FREE portable hotspot device and UNLIMITED 4G/LTE data and internet with no
    contract, no hidden fees, no data throttling and no commitment. You can’t get this package
    anywhere else. And the donation goes to support our schools. Imagine no more dead mobile
    phones from data use, no more data overages, no more public hotspot security concerns, no
    more need to find WiFi to use your ipad or, if your ipad has cellular data built in, no more paying
    big bucks for a plan with never enough data. Use it in the car, at the ballpark, on vacation or
    anywhere else where T-Mobile offers coverage (which is just about everywhere these days). Let
    your friends connect to it too (it can accommodate up to 15 users). I think this program is a
    game changer and know our community is going to love it!

  • The Needs Gallery - Where your schools, teachers and support groups can post classroom,
    school or district needs and people can donate to them. It is intuitive and simple to use. It is
    built for us so our community can go and know that they are supporting their schools,
    their classrooms, their teachers, their children. It will include a Featured Need with additional
    enhancements and contributions to the Featured Need will go straight to our Schools
    Foundation, which provides our teachers and students with additional resources to enhance

  • Online Fee Payment – Where parents can pay classroom, activity, athletic, tuition and other fees
    online using a credit card or electronic payment. It looks a feels like am electronic shopping cart
    and make fee payment much easier and more convenient.
    Corporate Matching – Where our local businesses can contribute funds to be used to match
    In return, they will get recognized each time their contribution is used. It is a way
    for our community businesses to support our schools and to be recognized for that support,
    with a reasonable minimum contribution.

To get to the LeanStream site, you can go to the RCS home page and click the “Donate” button or you can
click HERE. To sign up for WiFi, just click WiFi on the Go, fill out the form (you will need an employee ID
number or the students’ 10 digit state ID number), donate $50 and it gets shipped to your mailbox ready
to go. It’s really that easy. Your donation will not only get you unlimited internet, it will also help to
support our schools. Part of the donation is tax deductible too. It is a perfect way for parents and
employees to give and get something cool in return. That is what we call a win-win.

And check back in the next coming weeks for more needs and more opportunities to support our
schools. We are incredibly excited about this program and can’t wait to show the rest of this state just
how far we can take LeanStream. So check it out today and if you have ideas for a fundraiser or a
creative way we can use LeanStream to help our schools, let us know.

Thank you,