• Board of Education Members


    Judy Pounders

    Judy Pounders
    Board Member

    P. O. Box 684
    Russellville, AL 35653

    Email: jcpounders@att.net; judy.pounders@rcs.k12.al.us
    Term Ends: May 2019



    Mrs. Judy Pounders is retired from Russellville City Schools as a former senior English teacher and high school counselor.  A native of Limestone County, AL and a graduate of Ardmore High School, Judy earned both B.S. and Master's Degrees in English, Sociology and Education from the University of North Alabama, along with an endorsement in K-12 Guidance and Counseling.  Married to Terry Pounders of Russellville for 46 years, they are the parents of two sons and two grandchildren (who attend Russellville City Schools).  Judy is a founding member of the Russellville City Schools Education Foundation and is quite active in the community, having served on the Dempsey Foundation Board, and continues to be quite involved at her church where she teaches and serves in several leadership capacities.  After enjoying retirement and staying home with her grandchildren for approximately nine years, she has returned to the workplace and is employed at Pinkard Funeral Home, Russellville, as an office assistant.  Judy is currently serving her second term on the school board and thoroughly enjoys staying informed and involved with her passion -- students and their educational preparation for life. 

     Gregg Batchelor

    Greg Batchelor 
    Board Member

    15220 Highway 43
    Russellville, AL 35654

    Email: gbatch1197@aol.com; greg.batchelor@rcs.k12.al.us
    Term Ends: May 2022





    Jerry Groce Jerry Groce

    740 Hamilton Street
    Russellville, AL 35653

    Email: jerry.groce@dhr.alabama.gov; jerry.groce@rcs.k12.al.us
    Term Ends: May 2023



    Mr. Jerry Groce is a 1974 graduate from Russellville City Schools and holds a Master Degrees in Social Work and Business Administration.  He is currently a District Administrative Specialist for the Alabama Department of Human Resources.  Jerry served on the Russellville City Council from 1988-2004.  He currently serves on the Executive Committee for Northwest Council of Local Governments, Advisory Board for Bank Independent, Trustee Board for the University of West Alabama, and Member of Council of Business Advisory Board for University of North Alabama. 

    He has been married to the former Benetia Buckner from Florence, Alabama since 1981.  Benetia is an employee of Northwest Shoals Community College.  Jerry and Benetia have two children; Evan and Alayna, both graduates of Russellville High School.  



    Greg TrappGreg Trapp
    Vice President

    45 Oak Shadow Drive
    Russellville, AL 35653

    Email: greg.trapp@driverhq.us; greg.trapp@rcs.k12.al.us
    Term Ends: May 2020





    Bret GistBrett Gist
    Board Member

    P. O. Box 179
    Russellville, AL 35653

    Email: bgist@ggsteel.com; bret.gist@rcs.k12.al.us 
    Term Ends: May 2021 






    Mr. Bret Gist is a graduate from Russellville City Schools, and holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alabama Birmingham.  He is a member of several professional and civic organizations.  He serves on North Alabama Works, Local Workforce Development Board, Valley State Bank Board of Directors, and the Northwest Shoals Community College Advisory Board.  He has served on the Russellville City Board of Education since 2011. 

    Mr. Gist is a local business owner and very active in the community.  He is married to Linda Brown Gist and has three children all which have attended Russellville City Schools.