• "The Future Educators Association (FEA) is a national student organization dedicated to supporting young people interested in education-related careers. We are a national community of more than 10,000 student and mentor participants in school-based, grow-your-own-teacher programs. Since over 60% of teachers teach within 20 miles of where they went to high school, every community has an interest in proactively recruiting and supporting their next generation of local educators." (excerpts taken from www.futureeducators.org)

  • educators rising club members

    Club Sponsor: Lorraine Perez


    1. President: Ashlyn Smith
    2. Vice President: Melissa Sebastion
    3. Secretary/Media Specialist: Karlie Greenhill
    4. Treasurer: Kyleigh Montgomery 


    In October, Educators Rising sponsoring a drawing for students who thanked a teacher for what they had done for them.  All names submitted were placed in a drawing for a $25 Visa Card.  Caleb Seay and Dr. Holland won the drawing.  They are shown here with club president, Ashlyn Smith, accepting their award.