• Russellville High School

    Chemistry Club


    1. All members must be enrolled in Chemistry, have completed Chemistry, or are currently taking the class.
    2. All members must pay dues $15 for dues and shirt.
    3. All members must attend at least one meeting per semester.
    4. Members who seek to be an officer must complete an application packet. All officers will be selected by the science department. Officers will include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    5. All members are encouraged to participate in fund raisers.
    6. All monies raised by the club will be used for supplies for the science department, to buy supplies for club meetings, or to be used to cover the expenses required for group activities.
    7. The chemistry club may sponsor field trips that are related to science and all members will be given the option of participation. Members may be required to pay additional fees depending on the activity.