• iNOW Home



    iNOW Home Instructions:

    1. Go to the iNOW website.
    2. Log on with the following credentials in the pop up login box: 
    User Name: parent
    Password:  gtigers1 
    (The next screen will allow you to use the login information provided by the school system.  The password provided on the pin slip will allow you to log in and then will require you to change your password the first time you use the site.  There will always be two logins, the first will not change from the above information.  The second will be the password you select; therefore, please make note of your password when you update it.)


    Once logged in you have the ability to check the following data:


    1. Previous report card grades
    2. Current class averages
    3. Attendance
    4. Current Schedule
    5. Class attendance
    6. Attendance Calendar

    Please contact the school office for help with this service.



    Click here to enter the iNOW Website.