• 12th Grade Syllabus 2017-18

    English 12

    Mrs. Gilmer

        Welcome to 12th grade English! This course will emphasize the skills you will need in order to succeed in the real world. Our focus will be increasing your reading comprehension and strengthening your writing skills. Whether you choose to enter the workforce, the military, or college, I want this class to prepare you for life after high school. I can’t wait to get started!        

    Mrs. Gilmer



    • Special emphasis on:
      • English Literature
        • Selected readings from book (Anglo-Saxon Period to present)
        • Drama (Macbeth)
      • Writing
        • Types of essays
        • Research project(s)
    • Emphasis on:
      • Vocabulary Development
        • Weekly lessons and tests
      • Grammar
        • Review key concepts
      • Technology
        • Building technology skills by using programs like PowerPoint and Google Classroom



    • Notebook (preferably one with pockets)
    • Loose leaf paper (When not provided paper, please turn in all writing and homework assignments on loose leaf paper.)
    • Pens and/or pencils
    • Textbook
    • Ear buds
    • Novels: as assigned

    (Copies of novels are generally available for rental for $2 each.)


    School Rules*

    • Be on time to class. Students are considered tardy if not in their classroom by the time the tardy bell begins to ring.
    • Show respect for your teacher and your classmates.  Disrespectful language, gestures, or attitudes will not be tolerated at RHS. If you are perceived as being disrespectful by a teacher, you have violated this rule.
    • Do not interfere in any way with the learning taking place in the classroom. Talking, making unnecessary noises, being out of your seat without permission, making unnecessary movements are all deterrents to learning.
    • Follow directions the first time given. You should obey directions asked of you by a teacher promptly and without any hesitation.
    • Come to class prepared with all necessary materials. At the minimum, students should have a pencil, paper, and a textbook upon entering a classroom. Some courses require students to have special items like notebooks or protractors. You should be responsible enough to know what you need for class and have the correct items with you when the tardy bell rings.

    *Source: RHS Faculty Handbook

    Failure to follow these guidelines will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the following consequences will be applied after each offense:

    • Warning
    • Student-teacher conference
    • Parent-teacher conference and/or after-school detention
    • Office referral

    Extreme disciplinary problems as defined by the teacher will result in immediate referral to the office.



    • Your average for each grading period will be determined in the following manner:
      • Tests (75%)
        • Any grade deemed a test other than vocabulary (50%)
        • Vocabulary (25%)
      • Daily/Homework (25%)
    • Students can anticipate bi-weekly major tests, weekly vocabulary tests, quizzes that will normally fall under the daily/homework grade, and daily/homework assignments.
    • Students can also anticipate at least one major research project during the semester. The final product normally counts five test grades with three other grades associated with the project before the submission date.


    Make-up work

    • Students with an excused absence shall be allowed the opportunity to make up all work missed during that absence. It shall be the responsibility of the student to contact the teacher to arrange for all make-up work. Make-up work for an excused absence is expected to be returned to the teacher within three days for every excused absent day, after returning to school. Otherwise, the student will not receive credit for the work missed during the absence (a zero will be assigned). The time and place for all make-up work shall be determined by the teacher.
    • Almost always, I will remind students of the work they missed the day after they return, particularly if they have missed only a single day. Per the above-stated rule, I will allow students three days to make up work for every day missed up to a total of 10 days. For example, if a student missed a Friday vocabulary test, that student would be expected to take a make-up test the following Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Allowances will certainly be considered for extreme situations of illness or other excused absence that results in extended class time missed.



    • None of the items previously mentioned are intended to supersede any item or article that is part of the RHS faculty or student handbook. I will attempt to follow all school rules as they are stated in the handbook.


    Contact Information

    • Contact me about any matter concerning this class but particularly monitor the grades of your student using iNow Parent portal. You will need your child’s password to view grades. They are available in the main office.
    • E-mail:  Beth.Gilmer@rcs.k12.al.us
    • Telephone: (256) 331-2110 (Ext. 1016)
    • Website: Access through the Russellville High School site; click on Teacher Sites on the bottom left of the page.


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