• Hair Coloring 

    Course Syllabus

    Instructor: Lisa R. Keeton

    Credit: 1 Course Credit

    Length of Course: One Semester

    Class Fee: $ 100

    Course Description: In this course, students learn the techniques of hair coloring and hair lightening. Emphasis is placed on color application, laws, levels, and classification or color problem solving. Upon completion, the student should be able to identify all phases of hair coloring and the effects on the hair and scalp.

    Prerequisite: Introduction to Cosmetology (111), Salon Practices and Management (112), and Chemical Services (113)

    Course Goals: Students will be able to practice safety and sanitary precautions as they perform haircoloring. Emphasis will be placed upon the techniques involved in haircoloring application.

     Methods of Instruction: The main methods of teaching are individual and group instruction. The methods through which students learn information include lecture, discussion, demonstration, audio-visual programs, and guest speakers.

     Classroom Standards and Rules:

    • Class attendance and assignment completion is required.
    • All students are expected to use time wisely.
    • All students are expected to be respectful of other students.
    • Safety rules will be strictly adhered to at all times.
    • All policies of Russellville High School as well as all the rules, regulations, and guidelines found within the Student Handbook and the Code of conduct for Russellville City Schools must be followed.
    • Safety glasses required when necessary in lab.
    • Students will clean workstations each day (mirrors, countertops, sweep floor, fill washer, fold towels)
    • Students will fill containers and wet sterilizers
    • Clean curling irons and kits after each use
    • Students are not allowed to do their own hair or nails
    • Facial chair is used for facials/waxing and Pedicure chairs are for pedicures only.
    • Students are required to watch the clock to make sure there is enough time to clean and put away the equipment.
    • Students are expected to do all live work with supervision of the instructor.  Students perform all services.
    • Students are expected to act professionally when working in the lab.

    Philosophy: Career and Technical education is an essential part of the total educational process. It deals specifically with the development of knowledge, skills, and interpersonal relationships that prepare the student to become a productive citizen in the world of work. It is our goal that this course successfully prepares each student to enter post- secondary educational institutions, apprenticeship programs, or gain employment.


    • Written tests- 40%
    • Task sheet- 60%

    Instructional Content: The student will be able to understand the following list. 

    • Knowledge of the chemistry of hair coloring
    • Hair coloring safety precautions
    • Safety and sanitation rules and regulations
    • Understand the Law of Color and the color wheel
    • Have knowledge of the different techniques in hair coloring
    • List the different products used in hair coloring
    • Define and understand the importance of MSDS Sheets
    • Understand how OSHA, EPA, and FDA play roles in hair coloring
    • Write procedures for each type of coloring. 

    Topical Course Outline:

    • Orientation
      • Safety Precautions
        • Shop and Color
    • Properties of the Hair and Scalp
        •  Structure
          • Texture
          • Density
          • Porosity
      • Composition
      • Analysis
      • Growth
      • Loss
      • Disorders
    • Law of Color
      • Primary
      • Secondary
      • Tertiary
      • Complementary
    • Hair and Scalp Care
      • Draping
      • Shampooing
      • Conditioning
    • Client Consultation and Preparation
      • Classifications of Hair Color
        • Temporary
        • Semi-permanent
        • Permanent
        • Fillers
    • Application Methods
      • Weave
      • Foil
      • Chunking
      • Ombre
      • Marbleizing
      • Flames
      • Glazing
      • Glossing
      • Reverse Frost
    • Lightening Techniques
      • On the Scalp
      • On the Scalp
        • Virgin
        • Retouch
        • Removal
        • Corrective Hair Coloring