• Chemical Services

    Course Syllabus

    Instructor: Lisa R. Keeton

    Credit: 1 Course Credit

    Length of Course: One Semester

    Class Fee: $ 100 

    Course Description: Chemical Services : during this course, the student will perform various chemical activities. Emphasis is placed on Cosmetologists and client safety, and chemical use. Services related to the chemical hair texturing. specific topics include basics of chemistry and electricity, properties of the hair and scalp, and chemical texture services. safety considerations are emphasized throughout this course.

     Prerequisite: Introduction to Cosmetology (111) and Salon Practices and Management (112)

     Course Goals: Students will be able to practice safety and sanitary precautions as they perform chemical services and basic hairstyling. They will also be able to transfer the clock hours to any cosmetology school.  State of Alabama Articulated Credit is available.


    Classroom Standards and Rules:

    • Class attendance and assignment completion is required.
    • All students are expected to use time wisely.
    • All students are expected to be respectful of other students.
    • Safety rules will be strictly adhered to at all times.
    • All policies of Russellville High School as well as all the rules, regulations, and guidelines found within the Student Handbook and the Code of conduct for Russellville City Schools must be followed.
    • Safety glasses required when necessary in lab.
    • Students will clean workstations each day (mirrors, countertops, sweep floor, fill washer, fold towels)
    • Students will fill containers and wet sterilizers
    • Clean curling irons and kits after each use
    • Students are not allowed to do their own hair or nails
    • Facial chair is used for facials/waxing and Pedicure chairs are for pedicures only.
    • Students are required to watch the clock to make sure there is enough time to clean and put away the equipment.
    • Students are expected to do all live work with supervision of the instructor.  Students perform all services.
    • Students are expected to act professionally when working in the lab.

    Philosophy: Career/Technical education is an essential part of the total educational process.  It deals specifically with the development of knowledge, skills, and interpersonal relationships that prepare the student to become a productive citizen in the world of work.  It is our goal that this course successfully prepares each student to successfully enter post-secondary education institutions, apprenticeship programs, or obtain gainful employment.

    Grading Procedures

    • Written tests- 40%
    • Task sheet- 60%

    Additional Information: All students must pass all safety tests with 100% accuracy, before working in the Cosmetology Laboratory.  



    Instructional Content Standards




    The student will be able to understand the following:

    The student will be able to perform the following:

    Evaluation methods:

    Knowledge of the chemistry involved in permanent waving, cosmetics, hair coloring shampoos, conditioners, setting lotions, sprays, and chemicals

    Define organic and inorganic chemistry and know the difference between them

    Identify the types of matter

    Know the composition of elements, compounds. and mixtures

    Define acids and alkalis

    Know the chemistry of water, and professional products


    Vocabulary test

    Written test

    Hairstyling Techniques: The different hairstyling techniques and the different tools used for each and when they would be used.

    The importance of understanding facial shapes and designs

    Use different hairstyling techniques

    Wet, thermal, long hair, blow dry and wiggery


    Use the computer for identifying the facials shapes

    Performance test using each techniques

    Apply knowledge by locating various face shapes

    Trichology: Hair density, Textures, and disorders.  The pH range of shampoos, and conditioners.  

    Chemical Relaxers knowledge in chemistry, products, and procedures.

    Analyze the hair, list the products used in chemical relaxing the hair chemically relax hair

    List the safety precautions that must be observed in each service


    Written test

    Lab Test

    Student will demonstrate knowledge in the chemistry involved in Chemical relaxers

    Each student will be able to perform all safeties while performing a chemical relaxer.

    Written and Lab Test

    Student will demonstrate wrapping hair for a permanent wave.  They will be able to identify varies perm solutions and procedures to complete a successful curl.

    Each student will be able to perform all safeties while performing a permanent wave.

    Written Test

    Lab Test