• Pre AP Biology

    Course Description:  Pre-AP Biology is a first year High School Biology course, which is a pre-requisite for Advanced Placement (AP) Biology.  A comprehensive approach to learning will be emphasized.  Students MUST STUDY at home to internalize the concepts and gain problem solving skills.

    Personal Supplies: Keep these with you everyday!! BRING SUPPLIES MONDAY!

    1. 3-ring class binder for handouts (1 ½ or 2”) with loose leaf paper
    2. A bound 9 ¾ x 7 ½ in. composition/theme notebook. No spirals.  
    3. Blue or black pens and pencils to be brought to class EVERY day
    4. Put in ziplock bag or zipper pouch: Highlighters (yellow, plus another color); Colored pencils (if you already have a set, you can use them), 2 glue sticks
    5. Lab fee of $15 for lab supplies
    6. 4 Function Calculator

    Classroom Donation: (Optional) 1 pack of NEON EXPO markers, Roll of paper towels, kleenex.

    Grades: Pre AP Biology is Weighted on a 5.0 grading scale. Major Grades: 65% (Unit Tests, lab folder/ write ups, and Quizzes). Minor Grades:  35% (Data Set Questions, Math Questions, Synthesis Questions). Mid-Term and Final Exams are 25% of the nine weeks average.

     Classroom Rules:  Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in the classroom or lab. Misbehavior in labs will result in loss of privileges. Labs cannot be made up; however, an alternative assignment will be given to earn lab grade.  


    1. Be on time and stay in assigned seat. Check board for assignments. Have materials with you and ready to use before the bell rings. We do not stand in the doorway. Go to your assigned seat. Homework is due at the beginning of class. ALL late work will DROP 20% PER DAY!!
    2. When the tardy bell rings all talking stops. You are expected to participate. No goofing off, talking, sleeping, etc. Any materials or work not related to this class will be taken up.
    3. Respect others and their property. If it is not yours, leave it alone. Do not write on or stick gum on desks, chairs. Sharpen pencils & dispose of trash before the bell, or during an appropriate time. No beautification is allowed in class. No smelly lotions, sprays, etc.
    4. No food or drinks during labs. Keep classroom clean at all times. Keep your desk area clean.
    5. Follow all directions the first time given. Quiet when someone is talking. Remain seated until dismissed by teacher. NO TALKING during announcements. *Use a pencil on tests & labs. If done in pen you will redo it in pencil. Name, date and block should be written in the upper right hand corner of all papers. Papers without names will be placed in a folder & if not claimed, they are recycled.
    6. Do not lean back in chairs or move desks. Desks are extremely heavy & will scar floors. Do not sit on desks or bookshelves.


    Honesty: It is expected that students will use genuine, sincere, and fair means for the accomplishment of the tests, tasks, or projects from which evaluations of progress shall be determined. Students found plagiarizing, copying, or cheating in any way (this includes sharing daily work answers) will receive automatic zeros. Parents & INOW will be notified; thus will be on your permanent record. ANY use of a digital device during the test will result in a zero for that test.

    Make-up Policy: Students have 3 days to schedule makeup work upon returning. No assignments will be made-up after the make-up date has passed. Failure to turn in make-up work on time will result in a zero. ALL make-up tests, quizzes, exams will be fill-in-the blank, short answer & essay. *If a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the student (not the teacher) to make the grade up. *If you are absent the day before a pre-announced test, you will still take the test on test day. Tests are posted several days in advance. Make-up tests may be administered in ISS or before/after school.

    Substitutes: You will be on your VERY BEST behavior if you have a sub. You are expected to be respectful & helpful to the sub. Do NOT ask the sub to go anywhere, unless it is a dire emergency. The sub has been instructed to leave a list of any students who leave for ANY reason. Stay away from my desk, computer… Remain in your assigned seat until the sub dismisses you.

    INow Home:  Grades will be entered into INow each week. Allow one week for each assignment to be posted. Please note: Make-up work will be graded & posted when all students turn makeup work in (so it will be graded at one time).

    **Website, Internet & Cell phones: Students will be allowed to use iPads & smartphones ONLY during certain activities. Handbook rules apply for ALL other times. Students are NOT allowed at any time to record, video etc. in class unless SPECIFICALLY told to do so. Students will lose their privilege to use devices for classwork and may be faced with other disciplinary action.