• 6th Grade United States History

    Ms. Amanda Ridge

    Email: amanda.ridge@rcs.k12.al.us

    Room 105



    Course description: Welcome to 6th Grade U.S History.  This course offers some of the most exciting events in our past. We will be learning information from Industrialization in the late 1800’s up to Modern America today. By the end of the year, you will have a solid foundation to carry with you to 7th grade.

    Course objectives: The primary objective is to build a solid background of knowledge about our countries history. We will use a variety of skills to accomplish that goal. We will use small and large group discussions, writing assignments, reading assignments, and hands on learning with technology to assist us to build that knowledge. All students are expected to participate with all assignments, activiites, and projects. The 6th grade U.S. History class moves very quickly and covers a lot of material. Therefore, it is important not only that students keep up with the pace of the course, but that they ask questions and seek additional help when needed.

    Rules/ Expectations:

    Be on time: Enter the classroom on time, before the tardy bell rings. Begin working on assignment as soon as the bell rings. The student will be considered tardy, unless he or she has a written excuse from another faculty member.

    Be prepared: Make sure to come to class with the materials you need each day.

    Be courteous: Raise your hand and wait on permission to speak. The student who speaks out in class, without permission will be warned and then written up.

    Be Involved: Listen, Pay attention, and speak up to answer or ask questions. Help peers. Help the teacher.

    Be respectful: Show respect for all individuals in the classroom. This is an important rule in my classroom. Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself and away from others


    Notebook Paper, pencils of your choice, 2 composition notebooks, colored pencils,and gluesticks


    Test- 60%

    Quizzes/ Projects- 30%

    Classwork/Participation- 10%  = 100% for each 9 weeks

     Discipline Plan

    I expect each student to follow the rules listed above.

    Consequences for not following rules/expectations: verbal warning, behavior slip to parent, student/teacher talk, parent contact, visit to principal, In School Suspension (ISS) 

    My behavior goals for my students is to allow each student to understand when behavior is inappropriate and give each student the opportunity to correct the behavior before 

    they are referred to the office. 

    **Severe misbehavior will require immediate dismissal from classroom and the student will be taken to the office.

    **Students are required to follow all the rules listed in the Student Handbook.  


    My Expectations

    It is my personal goal for each student to be successful in my class. I want each student to learn information that will grow with them to become successful adults. I am a firm believer of hard work and if you do the work the result will come. I do not give grades in my class; you earn them. That means the effort you put in will be displayed in your performance. I look forward to this year and hope you all do as well. If there is any way I can help with please ask. Let's have a great year in history!