• Spanish II Syllabus

    Profa. Martínez

    Fall 2017

    Textbook: ¡Exprésate! 2


    Course Objectives:

    In Spanish II, students develop their communicative competence by interacting orally and in writing with other Spanish Speakers and by understanding oral and written messages in Spanish.  They begin to show a greater level of accuracy when using basic language structures and they are exposed to more complex features of the Spanish Language.


    Course Content:

    Chapter 1- Cuidad de México: Describing friends and family members; noun adjectives and gustar,  present tense or regular verbs and stem changing verbs, present tense of –er and –ir verbs and irregular verbs.

    Chapter 2- Cuzco: Professions, work related verbs; Indirect object and indirect object pronouns, dar, decir, saber and conocer, uses of ser.

    Chapter 3- Santo Domingo: Names of stores, places and places around town; Impersonal se and passive se, preterite of –car, -gar, -zar verbs, preterite of conocer, irregular verbs in the preterite of andar, tener, venir, dar and ver.

    Chapter 4- Miami: Competitions, emotional reactions; irregular preterite of ponerse, decir, ser and estar, preterite of stem changing verbs of –ir verbs.

    Chapter 5- San José: Routine activities, getting ready; preterite  of poder and traer, more verbs with reflexive pronouns, reflexive and direct object pronouns, possessive pronouns.

    Chapter 6- Segovia: Childhood activities, toys and games; Imperfect tense, imperfect of ir and ser, verbs with reciprocal actions.

    Chapter 7- San Juan: Menu words, restaurant terms; double object pronouns, commands with double object pronouns, reflexive pronouns  with a direct object, adverbs.

    Chapter 8- Santiago: Buying and selling terms, adjectives to describe clothing; imperfect and preterite, using the imperfect of ir a + infinitive, comparatives and superlatives

    Chapter 9- El Paso: Nature, animals and plants, weather and natural events; comparing quantities, adjectives as nouns, preterite and imperfect to begin a story, preterite and imperfect to continue and end a story

    Chapter 10- Buenos Aires: Travel words, methods of payments; present perfect, irregular past particles, subjunctive for giving advice and opinions, subjunctive of –car, -gar, -zar, -ger and –guir.

    Grading policy:

    -Classwork, individual and /or small group activities, & homework counts 10% of your grade.

    -Quizzes count 12% of your grade.

    -Projects count 18% of your grade.

    - Unit Tests or Vocabulary tests counts 60% of your grade.


    Projects:  2 Main Projects will be due this semester


    Due dates are the following:

    October- Poem Recital in Spanish

    April- Famous Hispanic Artist Report: research and gather/display information on a famous artist such as: singer, song writer, actor/actress, writer, painter or a fashion designer.


    Class Materials:

      • Textbook
      • Pen/pencil


    • 3 subject notebook for Spanish Only.  Divide them into: Voc./ Grammar/Classwork-Homework


    Teacher’s expectations

    • I expect you to arrive on time with all necessary class materials.
    • I expect you to keep your mouth free from abusive language.
    • I expect you to show respect for the teacher, fellow students and classroom items.
    • I expect you to be responsible for your own learning responsibility and actions.
    • I expect you to make every effort to complete any work missed due to an absence.  It is your responsibility to ask the teacher about any missing work or tests. (Tests need to be taken within three days after the day of the absence).
    • I expect you to use a cellular device and/or technology device for class purposes only and when told by the teacher.  Any other times, your cellphone must be facing down on the upper right corner of your desk.


    Consequences for disruptive behavior

    1st Violation: Warning

    2nd Violation: Parental contact

    3rd Violation: Office referral

    Incentives for a great behavior

     ҉  Game Day

     ҉  Soccer game Day

     ҉  Movie Day




    The best way to contact me is via e-mail.  My e-mail address is alma.martinez@rcs.k12.al.us which is also listed on the school website.  You may also contact me through the school phone at 256-331-2110 ext. 1017.  I will try to reply to all my messages within 24 hours.  


    Sincerely yours,

    Alma P. Martínez

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