Freaquently Asked Questions


    What does the policy state?

    Beginning Fall 2016, students who live outside the Russellville city limits who wish to attend Russellville City Schools will be required to apply, pay tuition, and provide their own transportation.


    Why is the district doing this?  

    Residents of the city of Russellville pay 17.8 mils of ad valorem tax to the city to help fund our schools. Russellville City Schools spends approximately $1,750 of local tax dollars per student per year. We currently have over 900 students that live outside the city limits of Russellville attending schools in the district. That represents $1.5 million of negative spending. We must ensure that those living in the city limits of Russellville are getting the benefit of the increased ad valorem taxes or that those living outside the city limits of Russellville pay a comparable fee to attend school in the district.

    Also, most of our schools are at or nearing capacity. We do not currently have the funds available to finance the amount of capital projects that we need to comfortably house all of our students. Projections are for our student population to continue to increase over the next few years. This would make new building projects inevitable without enacting a district policy.


    How much will I have to pay?  

    Students that live outside the Russellville city limits must apply to attend school in the district and, if accepted, will pay $600 tuition (per student, per year). Tuition does not include the normal fees, dues, etc.


    Will I have to pay if I work in the district?

    Students of full-time Russellville City Schools employees who live out of district will be accepted at no charge if they meet the admittance criteria.


    When does this take effect?  

    The policy will go into place beginning in August for the 2016-17 school year. Applications should be filled out and returned at the end of 2015-2016 school year through July of 2016.  


    What if I already attend school in Russellville City but live outside of the city limits?  

    Students who will be in grades 8-12 at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year will not be charged tuition as long as they remain in Russellville City Schools throughout their school career. However, these students will still be required to provide their own transportation.

    Students who already attend Russellville City but will be in grades 1-7 will be required to pay tuition each year.


    What if I live with someone in the district?

    All students will have to provide verification of where they live. Only those who meet the criteria as a Russellville resident will be accepted for enrollment.  


    What if I live in Russellville city limits?  How will this affect me?  

    For those who live inside the city limits, you will only need to provide proof of residency. The policy should reduce overcrowding in our schools and on buses.


    What are accepted proof of residency documents?

    1. A birth certificate or court records showing the student’s parents, custodial parent or legal guardian.
    2. A deed, lease or rental agreement for a property inside the Russellville city limits in which the student resides with the parent(s), custodial parent, or legal guardian.

    ***For those who share a residence a “Shared Residence Affidavit” signed by the parent/guardian, the primary resident/home owner, and notarized will be accepted.***

    1. A current utility bill with a matching address of the deeded or leased property. (Cable bills will not be accepted.)


    May I fax or email my proof of residency to the school?

    Yes. Be sure to include the student’s name on all documents. Contact your school to find out the fax number or email address for where to send your documentation. The district will still require something showing the student’s parents, custodial parent or legal guardian.


    What if utilities are included in my lease?

    If any of the utilities are included in your lease, and if this is noted on your lease, then the lease will suffice for proof of residency.


    Is a cell phone bill acceptable documentation to satisfy proof of residency?

    No. Only a home telephone (landline) bill satisfies this requirement.  


    What if my family is homeless?  

    The proof of residency policy does not apply to homeless students and families. Contact the McKinney-Vento liaison, Ms. Claudia Askew, at 256-331-2000 if this applies to you.


    What if I am an undocumented immigrant?

    Any child whose parent or legal guardian lives in the Russellville City School district is guaranteed access to a free appropriate public education. No family will be denied access to school because of their immigration status. Undocumented immigrant families should contact the McKinney-Vento liaison, Ms. Claudia Askew, at 256-331-2000 if this applies to you.


    Where do I apply?  

    Applications can be picked up and accepted at each Russellville City School beginning in April.

    Once school is out for the summer, applications can be turned in through July at the RCS Central Office on Waterloo Road.